Zoom “Magic of Christmas” Mystery Box

“Magic of Christmas” Mystery Box


If you got one last year, you'd remember that we did "style boxes" & "home decor boxes" these are going to be a mystery. We will of course have some questions down below to personalize your box. But we won't be giving any hints! 

Copy & paste these questions at checkout with your answer. OR TEXT TO OUR SHOP PHONE AT (863) 517-4722

1. What size graphic tee?

2. Do you wear accessories? 

3. What size shoe do you wear? (Question may only be applicable if you order a platinum box)

4. What size bottoms do you wear?

Last and most importantly.....

If you could have any job what would it be and why?


 Sales will continue from today Sunday, November 1st until Midnight on November 7th (next Saturday after the Fall Market 😉) 

Boxes will be ready on DECEMBER 1st. We sell these ahead of time so we can order and customize every box! THERE WILL BE NO EXTRA BOXES OR EXCHANGES! These are made to order, special, with every person in mind! 

“Magic of Christmas” Mystery Box