Meet The Owners: Kiley Prevatt Pt:1

Hello Lovely,
I’m Kiley Prevatt, engaged, 18 years old & starting a company with my Mom


I'm going to start this backstory right before we started The Cottage.

My Fiancé Wesley Cole Hamil & I met when I was 14 & he was 18 (by the grace of God). I was actually there to take his family pictures. I can still remember my Mom dropping me off. Walking to the door & seeing his brother Cade answer. Honestly at this point I wasn't even thinking about boys/men. I mean I was only 14, boys were ignorant. Cade welcomed me in, and that's when my whole life changed (for the better). Out came Cole dressed in boots, with a white button front shirt, and he was snapping his overalls closed. He looked at me, & I looked a him, my heart started beating fast, sparks flew.....In my head all of these things happened. In reality, I was staring at him like some kind of weirdo and he didn't even notice me! The entire time I was taking their pictures, I was silently crushing on him. After that day I didn't see Cole for 7 months. Then when I did see him, I hid in the truck the whole time. I talked about him often & thought about him a lot. I can even remember on two occasions, people asking me who I had a crush on. Of course I answered with "Cole Hamil" & one time I even told my friend Telina that I was going to marry him. I don't know where these moments of confidence come from.


Well, almost 2 years had pasted since I took their pictures. I hadn't talked to Cole or even seen him in a year. My junior prom was coming up. Ryley & I were going together. Neither one of us had been to a dance with a guy, but we wanted dates...I especially wanted Cole to take me. So I went and talked to my Dad.

He said:"The only guy I would ever let take you would be Cole Hamil or his brother"

I was beaming! So I drove (with my Mom because I was only 16) to Coles house to ask him to prom. But there was just one problem...He wasn't home, but his Mom was. Again this is one of those moments of confidence that I just don't understand.

She asked: "Can I help you?" 

I answered: "Is Cole here? I just wanted to ask him a question."

She replied: "No...Do you want his number?" 

And for some reason beyond my understanding, I replied with "No ma'am, I'll come back another time" 

The next morning my Dad comes to me, very confused because he had just received a phone call from Cole's Dad. Turns out it had been so long since I had last seen Cole's Mom, that she didn't recognize me the day before. Silly me never even told her my name. So when her son got home she told him some girl stopped by and wanted to talk. Poor Cole, he was as confused as a one legged frog. They only figured out it was me because honestly they didn't know that many girls that was as tall as me. I'm 5'11. Anyway, Cole's Dad told my Dad, to tell me to come back the next day at 6. Let me tell you, it felt like 6 would never get there. That was the longest day ever! I ended up going back, reluctantly, to ask him to prom. When I got there Cole met me outside, I asked him to prom, he said yes, I was beaming again, and everything was good in the world. Until I realized I had a date now & my friend Ry didn't. So I did what anyone would do and I asked Cole to go get his brother.

Long story short...I left there with a date for Ryley and I. As well as Cole's number! Now we've been together for 2 years & we're getting married on December 31st of 2019. I know your probably thinking "what does this have to do with meeting the owners of The Cottage?" Well, my fella has been a big part of helping me build my dream business. From installing floors to helping me build a pie cabinet. Because if he isn't already perfect enough, he also happens to be a barn builder! That's right ladies, I got me a carpenter. 

So I guess the moral of the story is: A moment of courage can change your life. Honestly, this business was built from a moment of courage as well!